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Cole Kemp February Owner

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I was born and raised in LaGrange, Georgia. I attended the University of West Georgia after graduating from LaGrange High School. I spent two years at the University of West Georgia studying business. I left the University of West Georgia after two years to begin a full-time job and finish up my schooling at LaGrange College, graduating with a business administration degree.

I always had an itch to try out the family business because it had been fairly successful and I did not want to move outside of LaGrange at the time. I started in the family flooring business in 2017, not really knowing the exact position I would be given, and in the first six months, I shadowed every position in the business and began to ease my way into my own role.

Today, my position is hard to pinpoint because I have absorbed 3-4 duties off several different positions in different fields of our business. I wanted to be able to have my hands in everything besides sales. My main goal was to learn as much as I possibly could about how our business runs and how I can try and make it run more efficiently and effectively. When people ask me what I do at work, it’s hard to answer that question in short. My title could be called “Business Manager” but I do many different things. I could be the one ordering toilet paper or coffee creamer and then my next task may be payroll. My job description is extremely diversified. With that being said, that is why I enjoy working in our family business so much. I get to do a lot of different things that aren’t necessarily consistent day-to-day.

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