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Maintaining your floors properly can help maximize their lifespan, saving your budget and the hassle of replacement. Each type of flooring requires different care for best results. Using the wrong method or product could cause damage. Our flooring experts at Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring want to help you care for your flooring and preserve your investment. If you have hardwood flooring or carpet in your home, follow these maintenance tips to clean your floor safely and properly.


  •   Clean Your Floor Regularly with a Vacuum or Broom—You should be able to remove most of your dirt and debris using a broom or vacuum. If you are using a vacuum, make sure to use the attachment or setting for hard flooring that will not scratch your floor.
  •   Utilize the Right Cloth When Wiping or Dusting—Microfiber is an ideal choice for use on hardwood flooring. A regular towel is fine as well, but never use anything abrasive like a scouring pad or steel wool. You could damage the finish on your floor.
  •   Choose the Right Cleaner—Avoid using cleaners with strong chemicals. You could dull the appearance of your floor by using the wrong one, like something with ammonia. Choose something specifically designed for hardwood flooring. We can recommend some quality products if needed.
  •   Minimize The Moisture—Wipe up spills quickly! Never let standing water stay on your floor. Water can penetrate your wood flooring, causing lasting damage. Ditch your traditional mop and bucket when caring for hardwood. Wet mopping your floor could cause warping and swelling when the water seeps into the wood fibers.
  •   Protect Your Floors—Using entry mats and felt furniture floor protectors will make a significant difference. Entry mats will catch dirt and moisture from foot traffic. Floor protectors are important to avoid scratching your floor when you routinely use your furniture. Your floor will have a longer lifespan by just taking these small steps.


  •   Choose the Right Pad—If you are installing new carpet, make sure to pad your carpet properly, especially on stairs. Padding will help your carpet hold up through foot traffic. If you choose our crew to install your carpet, you can feel confident that every detail, including the ones hidden under the carpet, will be completed properly.
  •   Use Entry Mats—Wipe your feet well before you walk onto your carpet. You will protect your carpet from getting loaded down with dirt and debris from foot traffic. Not only is this beneficial for your carpet’s lifespan, but it will also minimize your carpet maintenance.
  •   Vacuum Regularly—Allowing dirt, trash, debris, and crumbs to sit in your carpet will cause your carpet to break down prematurely as well as encourage pests. If you keep up with consistent vacuuming, you will never have a difficult vacuum job. Ideally, running your vacuum twice a week would be wise, especially in high traffic areas.
  •   Treat Stains Quickly—The longer food or drink spills can seep into your carpet, the more challenging they will be to get out. If you have a spill, act quickly, and treat the affected area. If you are struggling with a tough stain, reach out to our staff for advice. As flooring experts, we have faced a lot of different stains and we are happy to help!
  •   Deep Clean Carpets Annually—Whether you hire a carpet cleaning service or rent a carpet steamer, cleaning your carpet with a hot water extraction method is beneficial for carpet longevity. Your carpets will seem brand new after a deep cleaning.

Caring for your carpet and hardwood flooring makes a significant difference in the appearance and lifespan of your floors. Maximize your investment with the right maintenance and products. Contact us to learn more!