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The holiday season is a wonderful time to have family and friends over to visit. More friends and family coming over means more foot traffic on your floors. Before you let yourself turn into a grinch over your family tracking dirt, sleet, or snow into your home, take steps to safeguard the investment in your floor. Resurfacing a hardwood floor or hiring a professional carpet cleaner can add up quickly. Our floor team put together some tips to maintain your floors through the hustle and bustle of the season.

  •   Set Up a No-Shoe Zone—You could choose to set up a sign notifying your guests of your no shoes in the house policy or let them know when they arrive. Any guest in your home should be willing to be courteous and abide by your wishes. You could even let them know in advance and recommend them to wear their most festive socks.
  •   Use a Welcome Doormat—With a wide variety of colors and styles available, you can choose a welcome mat that furthers your decorating scheme while helping you keep your home clean. There are even doormats with scraping features to help capture dirt, moisture, and debris off your guests’ shoes. Any welcome mat will help clean your guests’ shoes to some degree. Since dirt, debris, and moisture can damage your floors, taking this simple step to minimize the impact is wise. Mats outside of your doors and along the halls will help protect your floors and limit your maintenance.
  •   Clean and Prepare your Hardwood Floors—Before your family arrives, clean your floors, and apply a coat of floor polish. The floor polish will help prevent scuffs, shoe marks, and scratches from heavy foot traffic. If you observe any small scratches after your floor endures holiday foot traffic, you could use a repair kit or color matched pen to hide the damage effectively.
  •   Keep up with Your Cleaning Throughout the Holidays—When you have guests in your home, your floors will still get messy even if your guests are wiping their shoes on the mat or going shoe-free. Instead of waiting for your guests to head out, do light spot cleaning while they are there. Spills, stains, and dirt are less likely to damage your floor if dealt with quickly. Plan to sweep daily, mop once or twice per week, and vacuum twice per week to keep your floors under control throughout the holidays. After your guests leave, you could schedule a professional carpet cleaning to ensure that they are properly deep cleaned.

Happy Holidays from our Kemp’s Dalton West Family! We hope you enjoy warm and wonderful moments with your friends and family.