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With a large variety of colors, patterns, and textures available, there is truly a tile to fit any home. Patterned tile has become a popular choice as a focal point in bathrooms and kitchens alike. A classic white tile flooring has also gained attention as many homeowners are choosing a white and black color palette throughout their homes. Tile can even mimic other flooring types. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we offer quality tile flooring choices and professional installation. Explore the benefits of tile and see if it is a suitable choice for your needs.

Bathroom Benefits

  •       Moisture Resistance—In a constantly wet environment, you need a flooring that can withstand moisture effectively. Tile is sealed to survive the water, but also to endure exposure to harsh cleaners as well as shampoo and soaps. Whether it’s dripping from the shower or giant splashes from bath time play with your kids, tile can handle it.
  •       Easy Maintenance—Water can cause damage to many flooring types, but the more concerning issue is mold or mildew growth. The gaps of other flooring types can allow water to build up and gradually grow mold and damage the floor. Tile makes mold and mildew easy to spot. You can easily mop a tile floor and keep it looking clean. Also, you will have peace of mind that your family will not be exposed to mold.
  •       Pairs Well With Radiant Heating—Stepping out of the shower to a cold floor is jarring and unpleasant. Using radiant heating, your tile will retain warmth regardless of the weather outside. Tile pairs well with radiant heating because tile can handle the expanding and contracting of the heating cycle. Other flooring materials could eventually crack from the constant heating and cool process. Take your luxurious comfort to the next level by having a warm floor to welcome you out of the bath or shower.
  •       Durability—According to the National Association of Builders, ceramic tile flooring could possibly endure for 75 to 100 years if maintained properly. A laminate alternative would be doing well to last for 10 years, but more likely would last between 2-5 years. Even if tile is more expensive upfront than laminate, the long-term savings and benefits greatly outweigh the initial cost.
  •       Customizable—At one time, tile may have been confined to just geometric or straight edge designs, but now tile even comes in sleek curves printed with waterjet technology. You will be amazed to see how many colors, styles, textures, and finishes that are available now. Our showrooms are stocked with many options for you to see the quality and potential for yourself. We even have designers on staff who can help you capture your unique vision.
  •       Cost Effective—As stated before, tile has a very long lifespan when properly cared for. You will likely never have to change your tile. If you choose wood, laminate, or vinyl, you will pay less upfront, but you will have to replace them much more quickly. The savings over time with tile is quite significant.

Kitchen Benefits

  •       Durability—The kitchen is a highly trafficked space for most families. If you have your kitchen tile professionally installed and you keep up with basic maintenance, you can expect your tile to last for decades.
  •       Moisture Resistance—Between dishwashing and drink spills, your floor will be exposed to a lot of moisture. Choosing a waterproof floor is important for preserving your floor and keeping your floor from accumulating mold or mildew. Your kitchen needs to be safe for your family, especially since food preparation happens in this space.
  •       Stain Resistance—Especially in a busy household with kids, spills are a regular occurrence. Tile flooring has a stain resistant glaze that will keep food and drink spills from absorbing into your floor. You will not have to worry about spilled milk, pasta sauce, or any other food landing on your floor.
  •       Customizable—You have a wide variety of colors, finishes, designs, and textures to choose from. Even if you want a hardwood look, there is a tile that mimics wood effectively. Regardless of if your decor is modern or more traditional, you can find a tile to fit your decor.
  •       Cost Effective—The kitchen is an important space for gathering for many families. Tile can endure the foot traffic and spills long-term. Your savings over time will be well worth it when you can avoid floor replacement every 10 years or even more often.

If you are ready to explore the tile possibilities, visit one of our Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring showrooms to see the quality and beauty for yourself! We have locations in Peachtree City, Newnan, and LaGrange.