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Vinyl has come a long way in terms of quality and style. At one time, homeowners would primarily choose vinyl when they could not afford a higher quality flooring choice. In the past decade or so, vinyl has become a wise choice in terms of function and appearance, delivering style and substance. There are many different varieties of luxury vinyl flooring out there, but we wanted to spotlight one of our favorites, Karastan Luxecraft from Mohawk. The beauty and durability of Luxecraft is truly unmatched.

Exploring Karastan Luxecraft

For over 90 years, Karastan has been known for its luxury quality and artisan style in the carpet and rug industry primarily. In 2019, Karastan announced their venture into hard flooring with their signature collections called Karastan Belleluxe (hardwood) and Karastan Luxecraft (luxury vinyl) premiering in 2020. Karastan was purchased by Mohawk Industries in 1993, but Mohawk allowed Karastan to hold on to its own brand identity. The foundation of Karastan is making products for a “life lived beautifully.” All of Karastan’s products deliver superior quality, artistically inspired designs, and dependable longevity.

The Benefits of Karastan Luxecraft

  •       Waterproof—Life is a beautiful and messy thing, so having a waterproof floor is helpful. Whether you have young children spilling things or a new puppy being crate trained, you need a floor that can keep out the liquids and protect your subfloor. Luxecraft is sealed between each plank to prevent liquids from penetrating the surface.
  •       Durable—Luxecraft is stain, scratch, dent, and fade resistant, so you can expect your floor to look beautiful long-term. The craftsmanship of Luxecraft accounts for the typical shrinkage and swelling of floors due to humidity, so your floor will resist Georgia humidity effectively.
  •       Natural Appearance—With every grain and fleck of color on every plank, Luxecraft is inspired by natural wood and stone. Imperfections are part of nature, so Luxecraft effectively mimics these subtle flaws to capture the most believable finish.
  •       Beauty and Function—With most flooring types, there is a considerable drawback, generally in terms of durability, maintenance, and/or cost. Luxecraft delivers the desired appearance with the added bonuses of life-proof durability, easy maintenance, and reasonable cost.

If you are ready to see Karastan Luxecraft for yourself, you can visit one of our Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring showrooms in LaGrange, Peachtree City, and Newnan. We are proud to be the primary carrier of Karastan products in the area.