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Since flooring can be an inexpensive investment for a home, some homeowners decide to try and save money by doing the installation on their own. Although DIY projects can be enjoyable and money-saving in some circumstances, there are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. Your carpeting should be one of those jobs. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we have a team of professionals with the experience and skills to ensure your carpet is installed properly. If you are considering DIY style, explore these important reasons for leaving the job to our professionals:

  • Your inexperience could lead to spending more—Carpet is not as simple as buying a roll and laying it out like a rug. There is a fine art to it which accounts for all parts of the room carefully. Homeowners will likely not have the experience to handle the more complex parts appropriately, such as seam attachment, tight corners, or stair coverage. If you make a mistake, you may ruin large portions of your carpet and be forced to purchase more.
  • Laying carpeting requires specialty tools—There are some crucial tools custom-made for carpeting. If you are not doing carpeting for a living, these tools will just gather dust in your garage. Instead of crowding your toolbox with unnecessary tools, let the professionals come armed with the proper tools to complete the job.
  • Carpeting manufacturers may not honor their warranties when you DIY—Many manufacturers offer valuable warranties for their products, but these warranties are often hinged on professional installation. This policy makes sense because they cannot ensure that their product will hold up the same if not installed properly. If your flooring has issues down the line, you want to have that warranty. Think of manufacturer warranties as being like insurance!

If you are ready to consider carpet installation, contact Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring to schedule a consultation. We have a wide range of products to fit your style, needs, and budget. When choosing your carpet, we recommend considering Mohawk’s Air.o.


Product Spotlight: Mohawk’s Air.o

This hypoallergenic carpet is well-suited for families, even with furry family members. Through the carpet’s design, Air.o does not capture moisture which would encourage allergens and microbes to gather. Air.o is an easy-to-clean product because it allows for airflow to combat build up of dust and dirt. Additionally, Air.o is free of VOC for the safety of your family. Air.o delivers a luxurious soft feel and peace of mind at the same time. Visit one of our showrooms to experience Air.o for yourself!