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Installing hardwood floors is a timeless upgrade to your home that is always noticed and appreciated. Regardless of style or type of wood, hardwood floors are a luxurious and beautiful choice. While there are no new natural woods on the market, there are always style, finish, and color preferences that come and go. In 2023, these are the noticeable shifts in hardwood flooring trends: 


Natural Look

Those choosing genuine hardwood are leaning toward styles that are difficult to replicate, with the increased availability of vinyl floors made to look like wood. Homeowners are choosing more natural looks that are cleaner, smoother, more natural, and clearly “real wood.”


Species and Cut

Minimalist and rustic designs are very much in style this year, with more homeowners and decorators preferring white oak, which is uniform and naturally beautiful, over any other species.  

Similar to recent years, wide planks and longboards continue to be in style. Wide formats also provide excellent stability and durability to the floor, which is excellent for improving a property’s value.



The ever-changing trends in wood floors mostly revolve around colors. We have seen gray wooden floors everywhere, from local restaurants, to hotels, banks, and homes in recent years. While it is still in high demand, gray-stained flooring is taking a back seat to more natural and light colors. 

Reds and oranges are outdated and dark colors are getting pushed aside in favor of the minimalism and versatility of lighter, more natural colors. Pigmented wood, which previously dominated the market, is trending down, while shades such as honey, cream, and white are rising. The lighter colors are the perfect neutral canvas for any aesthetic, from relaxed to upscale.  

White-washed hardwood floors are also trending and make your home look bright, bigger, and modern. White-washed floors also show less dirt compared to darker floors. 



Gloss and semi-gloss finishes are outdated, hard to clean and show dust and dirt. Satin and matte finishes are the most popular because their low gloss is easier to maintain, lasts longer, and is stylish.



Hand-scraped floors are trending down, with smoother floors trending up. For those that don’t want a completely smooth texture, brushed wire flooring can be a great option. A modern version of a relaxed look, the wood is gently brushed with steel bristles, opening up the grain, removing the soft part of the top of the board, revealing a subtle scratched effect. It’s a warm, natural texture you can see and feel that accentuates color contrasts and masks the effects of everyday traffic. This texture is a good choice for hardwoods like oak and hickory and looks best with a matte finish. This texture gives the floor an aged look that can be an excellent option for rustic interiors.


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