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From stunning stone to authentic wood finishes, luxury vinyl tile offers a wide variety of aesthetic choices to suit any home style. Luxury vinyl flooring has gained popularity steadily since the early 2000s and has quickly become a staple of the flooring industry. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we have luxury vinyl tile in our showrooms so you can see the quality for yourself. Vinyl flooring has been improved significantly since its introduction in the 1970s. This flooring is no longer just the “bargain” flooring choice, but it is appreciated for many other qualities. If you are considering flooring to place throughout your home, luxury vinyl tile has many benefits to consider.

  • Convincing and Beautiful Appearance–Luxury vinyl tile comes in a large selection of finishes to mimic wood, stone, marble, and porcelain. The attention to detail is truly incredible because each tile has a convincing variation and grain. When you place the tile throughout your room, the tile will have the visual variability of the material it mimics. 
  • Waterproof Quality–Did you know that luxury vinyl tile clicks together and creates a seal to keep water above the surface of the floor? Flooring types, such as hardwood, that are less than ideal in wet spaces, can now be used in bathrooms and kitchens when you choose a luxury vinyl tile with a similar appearance. Hardwood flooring throughout the home has been a popular and desirable design choice for many years. Luxury vinyl tile helps you achieve this look without the risk of damage in wet spaces. The waterproof quality is also helpful for households with children and pets, making spills and accidents no big deal. 
  • Easy Maintenance–Hardwood flooring is known for its beautiful finish, but it requires special products and care to maintain. Luxury vinyl tile is simple to maintain for a busy household. LVT can be swept and vacuumed to keep it clean. Additionally, the finish on LVT is stain-resistant, so they are well-suited for life’s everyday messes.
  • Durability–Beyond the waterproof quality, luxury vinyl tile is also scratch-resistant. Luxury vinyl flooring is sealed with a tough finish to help it endure heavy foot traffic. Vinyl is more robust than other flooring, such as porcelain or hardwood. Whether you are looking for flooring to handle your pet’s toenails or the daily traffic from your kids, LVT can handle your home’s daily traffic. 

With all the choices, there truly is an LVT solution for every home. We would love to show you the possibilities for your space. Visit one of our Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring showrooms to see and feel the quality of our luxury vinyl tiles today.