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The spring season brings newness in many aspects of life. Beyond the obvious impact on nature bringing new life and blooms, the spring season often brings new motivation to improve and resolve to cleanse your home. During your spring cleaning, installing new flooring can have a dramatic impact on the appearance and function of your home.

Although your home could be revitalized and improved with new flooring in any season, spring is the ideal time. Either extreme of temperature reached in the summer or winter can have a negative impact on your flooring, hindering the installation and impacting the final appearance.

Spring is the best time to consider new flooring for several reasons including new options, cost, temperature, humidity, and ventilation.

1. Style and Savings

Because new flooring lines are commonly released in the spring, you can keep up with the most recent decorating trends and current advancements in functionality and durability. With these new options available, many older flooring designs could be discounted which could help you stay in your budget. Whether budget or latest style are the highest priority, spring season is the best for both.

2. Optimal Temperature and Humidity Levels

The cold and dry winter weather is challenging, but summer’s hot and moist can be equally difficult. Spring brings the ideal combination of pleasant temperatures and balanced humidity to help your floor adjust properly. Floors being acclimated is vitally important to avoid cracking due to shrinking in cold weather or damage from overexpansion or overheating. This concern is especially prevalent for hardwood flooring.

3. Freedom from Fumes

During the flooring process, many sealants, finishes, and adhesives can give off powerful fumes. When the weather is favorable, your doors and windows can be left open for ideal air flow for you and your servicemen. Additionally, there is no concern of losing air conditioning or heat when the flooring team is going in and out of your home frequently. Enjoy the benefit of fresh air and new flooring all at once!

Set your new floors up for success by choosing to install in the perfect season of mild forecasts and proper moisture.