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You do not have to choose between functionality and style. There are countless flooring options, such as Mohawk’s RevWood, which are both beautiful and practical for everyday life. With the latest advancements in flooring, waterproof flooring has become highly versatile and can accommodate everyone from a a family of small children to a business with heavy foot traffic. There are many benefits to choosing a waterproof flooring which are valuable to consider:

  • Cleans Easily—With a moisture-blocking barrier, your floor resists stains and liquid. Whether cleaning up spilled juice on the floor or mud tracked in the front door, the maintenance process is simple, and your floors are not damaged by life’s messes.
  • Safeguards against Environmental Damage—Moisture in the air or temperature extremes can cause some traditional flooring to become damaged, warped, or even moldy. Because of the moisture barrier, your investment in your flooring is maintained and protected regardless of the elements.
  • Protects Effectively in Constantly Moist Spaces—Especially in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and laundry spaces, a flooring which can withstand continual exposure to water without allowing moisture to build up. Waterproof flooring prevents water damage as well as minimizes condensation which could be slippery on traditional flooring.

There are many varieties of waterproof options which include laminate, vinyl, porcelain, and wood-plastic composite. All the materials offer benefits to suit different needs as well as styles. At Dalton West Flooring, we can help you determine the ideal flooring which can enhance your style and meet your practical needs.

One of our favorite waterproof flooring options is RevWood. This flooring is not only waterproof, but also resistant to scratches, dents, and scrapes. RevWood delivers a practical and real-life solution which does not compromise appearance and style. With extensive color options, RevWood can compliment the design and decor of any space. In addition to the stunning appearance and practical function, RevWood is easily installed and affordable. RevWood is truly the floor designed to impress while withstanding life’s messes.

If you are considering waterproof flooring, contact Dalton West Flooring to learn more about the available options to suit your needs.