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Area rugs are so much more than accent pieces. An area rug can bind together a whole room’s decor. Regardless of your decorating style, Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring has an area rug to enhance your space. Rugs offer many aesthetic benefits, but the benefits extend far beyond the looks. Explore the amazing benefits of area rugs:

  •       Reduce the Noise—If you have hard floors in your home, an area rug will reduce the sound as your family walks through your space. An area rug can take away the echo you hear since your hard floors do not absorb sound like carpet.
  •       Maximize Your Comfort—A soft area rug around your couch will make your relaxing space even more comfortable. A rug can also reduce the impact on your feet, improving your daily health.
  •       Embrace the Warmth—Stepping on to a cold floor is not a great start to your morning. An area rug in your bedroom can insulate your space more effectively. You could also capture the warmth in your typically cold basement living space with an area rug.
  •       Create Intimate Spaces—An area rug has an anchoring effect of pulling your furniture together and creating a space ideal for conversation. With area rugs, you can create intentional spaces throughout your room for family gathering.
  •       Improve Air for Those Suffering From Allergies—An area rug can help trap allergens, so they are not floating around in the air. If your home is all hard flooring, consider a rug to capture the allergens and improve your family’s breathing.
  •       Enhance Your Decor—An area rug could help you pull together your furniture, accent pieces, and paint colors. We have a vast collection of area rugs available to fit your decorating style and color palette. Our design team would be happy to help you imagine the possibilities for your space.

If you are interested in a quality area rug, reach out to Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring or visit one of our showrooms.