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Hardwood flooring came back into style in the ‘80s and has maintained its popularity ever since. Many homeowners are choosing to put hardwood flooring throughout their homes. Hardwood flooring in at least the main living spaces is what potential homeowners expect when shopping for a new home. Whether you only plan to live in your home for five to ten years or longer, hardwood flooring is an attractive and valuable choice. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we offer a wide variety of hardwood flooring to suit every style. Although any hardwood flooring has a timeless quality, some colors and styles gain popularity at different times. If you are looking for hardwood flooring this year, consider these factors when choosing your flooring.

  • Color—For several years, shades of gray hardwood have been trending. In the past year and this year, whitewashed or lighter natural varieties of hardwood have gained popularity. Combining light floors with white or lighter colored walls can make a space appear more spacious. Dark wood choices are still considered stylish, but they have lost some momentum. We anticipate that dark flooring will regain popularity again as many flooring trends are cyclical. At this time, red cherry and yellow pine flooring are considered more dated hardwood types to avoid if possible.
  • Plank Dimensions—Longer and wider hardwood planks have become stylish. Consider using planks that are at least 18-20 inches wide and 12 feet in length. The overall look has better continuity.
  • Finish—Most homeowners are choosing a finish with no sheen or low sheen, using natural hard-wax varieties primarily. Style is important but choose your finish to accommodate your foot traffic first and foremost. Keeping your floors in good condition may require a certain finish. If you are unsure about the right finish, our flooring team would be happy to make a recommendation.
  • Continuity—Continuous flooring throughout the home has been a popular choice for several years. Some homeowners choose to put carpet in bedrooms, and this is okay if your hardwood flooring remains throughout the main living spaces. Hardwood flooring in all parts of a house is possible and comfortable with the right modifications. Choose absorbent mats for rooms with water, like your kitchen and bathrooms. Use rugs in your bedroom to have a soft place to step without having to add carpet. Homeowners concerned about moisture often choose engineered varieties of hardwood because they have better resistance. We can help you find the right hardwood to endure your lifestyle.

Before selecting your hardwood flooring, consider these factors and talk with one of our flooring professionals. We can show you the options in our showroom and find the right fit for your space. Come see us at Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring today!