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Carpet tiles are reemerging as a popular choice for spaces with heavy use. From a commercial workspace that endures a lot of foot traffic to a playroom with lots of toy car traffic, carpet tiles are a strong, soft, and durable option. With a large variety of patterns and colors available, they can be customized to fit any decorating theme. Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring has an extensive collection of quality carpet tiles available. Our style consultants would be happy to help you imagine the possibilities for your space.

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

  •       Customize Your Flooring Simply—Carpet tiles come in patterns and solid colors. You could choose one color for a uniform look or mix and match for a more unique look. Carpet tiles can also be positioned in patterns, such as a checkerboard or stripes. If you have a creative pattern or color theme in mind, our team can help you execute it successfully.
  •       Replace Damaged Tiles Easily—If you have damage on your carpet when it is a rolled variety, you will have to replace the whole room. If your kid spills fruit punch on one of your carpet tiles, it is no big deal. With carpet tiles, you can replace just the damaged or stained tile. Carpet tiles are an ideal flooring for pets with the ease of replacing tiles as well.
  •       Save Money—Carpet tiles can be more affordable than rolled carpet, depending on the variety. Being able to replace single tiles certainly makes them more cost effective in the long-term. Carpet tiles are significantly cheaper than many of the hard floor varieties.
  •       Enjoy Simple Maintenance—Generally, carpet tiles are a shorter pile, so they trap less debris or dirt. This is also beneficial for those suffering from allergies. When they need to be cleaned, you can easily clean them with your vacuum. Additionally, many varieties of carpet tiles have color flecks to disguise dirt in between your vacuuming days.
  •       Endure Heavy Use—With a low pile and tight loops, carpet tiles are designed to survive wear and tear effectively. They perform extremely well under heavy usage in commercial spaces or dance parties in your children’s playroom. Since single squares can be replaced, the daily wear and tear is not a worry. You can let your kids play and not worry about the abuse to your flooring. Although they are not waterproof, they handle moisture, such as drink spills or pet accidents, much more effectively than traditional carpet.


Choose a flooring choice that can live up to your hard work or play. Come see our carpet tiles at one of our Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring showrooms!