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The kitchen is not the only place going bolder with tile. After enjoying several years of popularity, white subway tiles are giving way to more colorful choices in the bathroom. Regardless of the style of your home, you still can achieve a bolder tile when paired properly with your decor and color palette. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we are proud to be more than just a flooring company. We are passionate about interior design and helping our customers achieve their vision. Our showrooms are stocked with a wide variety of tiles, so you can see and feel it for yourself. We also have samples available if you want to see the tile in your space and lighting. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the choices, consider the following tile trends to see if any of them reflect your style.

  • Grid-Style Tile using High Contrast Grout– Although 4 x 4 tiles are not a new concept, they are being utilized in new ways with the grout choice and grid installation. This trend blends the nostalgia of a classic tile with a modern spin. This tile can be used wherever you have classic decor or highly modern designs. Bear in mind that your overall design depends on the other elements in your bathroom.
  • Patterned Tile Paired with Patterned Wallpaper–Since bold tile choices are en vogue right now, restraint in patterns and colors is not necessary. Patterned tile and wallpaper give the bathroom depth and complexity. You could choose to do a monochromatic combination if you wanted to try this trend without being too bold. In fact, black and white patterns tend to combine well together, achieving a more neutral, modern look. 
  • Single Color Tile–Using one color of tile may not seem that bold or unique, but the execution of the tile is what really determines the intensity. Choosing a bright color will be a focal point in your space, especially if the rest of the bathroom is neutral. This trend can also be used beyond the floor, tiling from floor to ceiling in the same single color. 
  • Matching Tile and Grout–Contrasting grout is often used to draw attention to the pattern, shape, or color of the tile. By matching the tile and grout, the focus becomes more on the texture and the matte color. This trend can be further enhanced by staying within the color palette to embrace a monochromatic palette and by choosing contrasting decor or accents to create interest. 
  • Varying Grout Widths–Beyond the color choice, grout is often overlooked when considering the creative choices in a bathroom. Did you know that if you install grout with varying widths, you can create a unique pattern? This is true even if you are using a classic tile. In fact, including variation in grout width is one way to be dynamic with your style without worrying about a tile becoming dated. Creatively using a classic tile with grout is a wise choice because the result can fit with any style of home, from farmhouse rustic to modern minimalist. 
  • Stacked Tile–The traditional tile laying pattern is an offset or staggered arrangement. Stacking tile creates a completely different look even if you are using a traditional tile. Stacking can be laid either vertically or horizontally. Both directions could even be used in the same bathroom. For example, one tile could be vertically arranged until the pattern reached the midpoint of the wall. Then, you could choose a different color of the same tile and run it horizontally the rest of the way to the floor (perhaps even onto the bathtub). The end result of stacking looks very clean and classic, yet noticeably unique. 

No matter your style, your bathroom can be dramatically transformed by using tile effectively. Selecting your style can be challenging. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we have stylists to help you find your style and vision. Come visit our team at Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring! We would love to help you achieve your vision.