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Imagine that you’ve just finished decorating your living or sitting room with all the necessary furniture. Your plants are hung or potted, and the coffee table is complete with coasters, a few magazines, and a centerpiece. Looking around the room, things look good but not great. The room needs an extra something, an element that pulls everything together and complements the decor, and really shows off your style.


You need an area rug! They are a fantastic alternative to wall-to-wall carpets and can be switched out if you ever want to change your design style. They are also easy to remove and clean and not as expensive or labor-intensive as carpets. Choosing the right area rug comes down to two decisions – what design you want and where to put it. 


Where Should I Put My Area Rug?

Proper area rug placement is key. Always ensure that the rug extends under the main pieces of furniture in all rooms. For example, the chairs in the dining room should stay on the carpet even when they’re pulled out from underneath the table.


Area rugs should also fully cover high-traffic areas. Don’t be afraid to go smaller in bedrooms, where the rug is mainly used as a landing spot when getting in and out of bed. However, if your rug is purely used for decorative purposes, leave an equal amount of floor space around the perimeter. If this isn’t possible, the best option is to center the rug in the room.


What Design is Right For Me?

Your decor will dictate the area rug’s color, size, and style and should enhance the room it’s in. Be sure that your choice creates a cohesive “finish” to your room, ties all the elements together, and makes them shine.


With so many options and decisions to make, choosing the right rug for your room can be a long, frustrating process. But thankfully, we’re here to help! At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we make flooring projects easy for you with our professional expertise, exemplary customer service, great selection, and full-service installation. Contact us today for all your home flooring needs in Newnan, GA!