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Life is messy and hard on your floors. Laminate is a flooring which withstands the bumps, scratches, and spills of life without breaking your budget. Regardless of if you have young children or indoor pets, laminate is still a solid choice for homeowners desiring a beautiful floor without the upkeep. When deciding on your home’s flooring, consider these reasons for why laminate could be beneficial:

  1. Affordable Price Tag—Through using mechanically engineered materials, laminate mimics more upscale flooring types, such as hardwood and tile, for a fraction of the cost. Laminate delivers a beautiful floor which fits your budget and needs.
  2. Durability—With its built-in aluminum oxide coating on the top, laminate is designed to resist scratches, dents, fading, and stains. This resistance makes it an ideal choice for homes with children or pets. Your family can live comfortably knowing the floor is built tough.
  3. Beautiful and Diverse—Whether you are hoping for a hardwood look or decorative tile, there is a laminate available. Laminate is created utilizing a high-definition printer to mimic high-end flooring types convincingly. With a wide variety of colors and textures available, you can find a laminate which suits your decor and lifestyle.
  4. Simple Installation—Laminate has a tongue and groove locking system which makes for a fast, easy installation. Homeowners can choose to save money and lay their own flooring or hire professionals for a completed floor swiftly. Whether you are doing the flooring or letting the professionals, installing laminate is simpler to install than hardwood or tile.
  5. Eco-friendly—Since laminate is made of wood, it can be recycled or reused if your flooring preferences change. Because of the tongue and groove locking system, the floor can even be uninstalled and reused in another room. Additionally, laminate is made with recycled wood planks. Laminate is a sensible choice to have a quality floor while considering our planet.
  6. Low Maintenance—Whether you have a family with kids and pets, working spouses, or elderly, you can benefit from an easily cleaned floor. Your free time is limited so why spend it pampering a floor! Laminate is resistant to stains and easy to clean with vinegar and water. With simple sweeping or vacuuming, your floor will remain looking great—no polishing or waxing needed!
  7. Coverage—Every laminate distributor offers some type of warranty on their products. Generally, the minimum coverage is a year, but you can get longer warranties, even up to lifetime. With a warranty, the investment in your flooring can be protected for the years to come.

At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we carry quality laminate flooring from Mohawk and Shaw. Both have a longstanding reputation for quality flooring. We offer a wide variety of finishes and colors available to suit your decor. Consider Shaw Repel Laminate and Mohawk Revwood for an incredible appearance, which will endure life’s bumps and messes. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about how laminate could enhance your home.