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With additional time at home recently due to the Covid-19 crisis, many homeowners are noticing ways to improve their homes. Whether you are reorganizing closets or considering a renovation project, this can be an ideal time to consider the possibilities for your home. At Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring, we believe that flooring has a powerful impact on the overall appearance of your home. A home will instantly feel updated and fresh with a quality flooring choice. Hardwood flooring has been a popular yet timeless choice for many years, but the trends with hardwood have changed over the years. As you ponder flooring for your home, consider these hardwood trends of 2020 when making your flooring decisions:

  • Selecting Earthy and Natural Tones—Keeping your flooring more neutral is a way to stay current with the trends while remaining timeless. Choose a natural earth shade or do a whitewash over your wood grain to embrace simplicity and beauty for your home for the years to come. Regardless of how your decor or room color scheme changes, natural shades will continue to compliment your design choices.
  • Choosing Wider Planks—Despite what you may expect, wider planks can actually make a room look more spacious. As open concept homes have become increasingly popular, wider planks have as well. Beyond encouraging an open feel, a wider plank allows you to appreciate the beauty of your wood grain more readily.
  • Going Green—You may be surprised with the options of eco-friendly choices from flooring manufacturers now. These green choices include moving away from traditional polyurethane to embrace natural sealants as well as using materials which are more renewable, such as bamboo and cork.
  • Embracing Wear and Tear—Especially if your home is farmhouse vintage, beachy, or rustic, a distressed hardwood floor could really enhance your theme. There are a variety of distress techniques, such as lye treatment, wire brushing, and saw marks. Regardless of your theme, our team at Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring can help you find the perfect distressed look for your home.
  • Breathing Better—The air quality of your home is extremely important for the safety of your family. In the past, homeowners were not aware of the presence of formaldehyde and VOCs in flooring. Now, you can look on your flooring products to see if they have Carb 2 compliance, Green Guard certification, or any valuable air-purifying qualities.

If your home is ready for a flooring transformation, contact Kemp’s Dalton West Flooring to learn more about the exciting hardwood flooring options available.