Our Newnan location has the area’s largest selection of tile products from over a dozen distributors and manufacturers. Tile is just a part of your home’s beauty but may be the most important because it needs to pass the test of time.
With so many factors to consider, never rush your decision. Paints change—tile needs to compliment the new color without exclusively committing to the current color. The size and the direction of the tile impacts the overall feel of the area. When using a border or accent tile, make sure it is one that you will love looking at forever. No tile installation is complete without grout and the color choice is so important to bring your whole design together. Let us help you through the decision process and take away the stress of incorporating tile into your home or workplace.

How many choices are there in a hardwood looking tile at Kemp’s Dalton West?

Currently, there are 86 different series. When you consider all the sizes and colors available in each series—the answer is 523.

This figure does not even account for all the mosaics or other decorative tiles which have a wood look, including a “glass wood” tile available from Crossville and Glazzio.

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